Italian Football Club Trials

Bella Italia Sports Village: Italy

September 11th-12th 2021


Play directly in front of watching Football Club Scout from:


Serie A

Serie B

Premier League & EFL (English Football Leagues)

English & Italian National Leagues 

Bundesliga and many more.....

Your chance to impress!!

Limited Places Available: Book a Place Now (Closing Date: 28th July 2021)

11th & 12th September 2021

Open Trials

Opportunities for Semi & Pro Club Trials

2 day open trials event

Players aged 12-15 & 16-24

International players welcome

Accommodation, subject to availability

Trials location:

Bella Italia Sports Village

Viale Centrale 29




Including 2 nights full board accommodation

2 days trials training with UEFA licensed Coaches

Trials advice from guest professional Footballers

£250.00GBP per person

Elite Tech Football Academy Ltd and Eurotech Football Centre during the past 5 years built up an extensive scouting network which covers a huge spectrum of Professional & Semi Professional Scouts and contacts from clubs in the UK as well as Spain and throughout Europe. 


It is the amount of scouts from League Clubs from Italy Serie A & B and the English Conference National Leagues to the Premier League together with La Liga, Segunda and Segunda B in Spain, over to the Bundesliga in Germany and then further into Europe, from semi pro to professional, our Open trials days and football trial events will provide genuine opportunities for players to gain exposure and to be scouted.


Scouts who attend our open days vary in numbers and can come from all over Eurpope from clubs at various levels to give you the maximum showcase opportunity!


Players in their early to mid 20s having not previously been in a Professional Club environment may find it difficult (but not impossible) to secure a Premier league or Championship or even league 1 club opportunity in the UK but, in European clubs opportunities maybe more flexible to achieve your goal at a lower level.


Our Scouting network in the lower Leagues in the UK and throughout Europe ensure players are often given more exposure & playing time at a level more adapt to their ability, the saying 'a diamond in the rough' rings perfectly true.

Join our Open Football Trials now and begin your Football Journey....

The trials will be focused on fitness, technical & tactical ability.

Mentality and social skills together with a positive strong attitude.


Packages Included


Full Board accommodation

(including meals)

2 Nights Full Board Accommodation

2 days UEFA Coaching

Showcase Match

Professional Footballers Appearances

Potential Semi & Pro Club Trials

Italian & European League Clubs


Bella Italia

Website Click Below



The Bella Italia Sports Village lies in Lignano Sabbiadoro and Piani di Luzza and will embrace you for unforgettable vacations on the Adriatic sea and Friuli’s Dolomites.
Tucked away in a 60-hectare pine grove looking out over more than 1200 meters of fine sand, dotted with natural dunes, our accessible and fully equipped village of Lignano Sabbiadoro can host up to 2.800 persons thanks to 8 large residences varying in size, room type and services scattered across its property. Inside the residences are restaurants providing self-service or table service so that guests can benefit from a full board plan combined with accommodation.

Mike Newell

Mike Newell, a highly experienced and UEFA qualified Coach will be conducting the trials coaching sessions. Mike brings a wealth of experience offering players the highest standard of coaching.

Blackburn Rovers

Mike is a former Premier League winner with Blackburn Rovers in 1995, playing along side Premier Leage goalscoring legend Alan Shearer and managed by Liverpool Legen, Kenny Dalglsih. 


After his playing career, Mike went to Manage several League teams including: Tranmere Roveres, Hartlepool Utd, Luton Town, Grimbsy Town, Wrexham and Head First Team coach at Accrington Stanley

Day 1: Friday 17th April

Training Start 10.00am 

Training and Pre-Trial Conditioning:


Elite training Session Plan developed and tested by Premiership and League Academy Coaches. Players registered and attending our trials will have the opportunity to train and showcase their skills and potentially earn trials at Football Clubs from across Europe, these trials will enhance your potential to push you ever closer to your ultimate dream of playing Semi or Professional Football in Spain, the UK or throughout Europe.

SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness)


SAQ sessions will develop and improve all players’ motor skills with and without a ball by fine tuning individual balance and core strength.

Ball Control & Passing


One of the most important football skills a player should practice is to improve the ability to control the ball using any surface that enables the player to instantly make a decision on the next pass or shot.


Set Pieces & Finishing


One of the most fundamental skills of playing football is the ability to pass the ball accurately, with the correct timing and weight of pass. We look to provide lots of different football training drills and sessions to develop a wide range of passing skills.

Goalkeeper Trials: (starting at 10.00am)

As one of the most important players on the pitch, goalkeepers should where possible receive specialist training.

Ball handling techniques

Training to develop quick feet movement

Shot stopping techniques

Training on narrowing the angle

Dealing with crosses

Supporting the defence

Improve kicking and distribution

Drills for goalkeeper agility and fitness


13.00pm -  Day 1 training sessions Complete

11 v 11 Matches featuring attending players

16.00pm to 18.00pm


Day 1 Complete 18.15pm

Due to potential high temperatures during the day regular water breaks will be taken and training times may vary.

Had a good couple of days?

What Happens Next?

Players successfully Scouted will be contacted directly and individually at the trials event or up to 2 weeks after the event either by the Club directly or trials representative. You maybe then be invited directly to Elite Tech Football Academy Camps in the UK, Spain or Italy for further development of up to 6 to 8 weeks and potentially attend Semi or Pro clubs for a series of further trials and upon invitation you will train and play in matches where you will be directly assessed by the clubs Coaching staff and Management. If you are successful you maybe then offered a playing contract / annual registration.

Day 2: Saturday 18th April

Training Start 10.00am


Defence & Attack


There are three basic periods of a soccer match, when the team has the ball – attacking, when the team doesn’t have the ball – defending and when the ball is changing hands – the transition period. Defending is hard work.


The transition period. Defending is hard work. It requires very specific soccer skills from the players.




Dribbling and Running with Ball:


The ability for a player to beat an opponent and create a goal scoring opportunity with a pass or a shot is a priceless skill. Players love to show of their skills by dribbling and running with the ball.

Receiving the ball

Positive attitude to dribbling skills

Exaggerated shift of weight (trick to dummy opponent)

Change of direction opposite way to trick

Burst of pace into space

Head up to assess options

Running with the ball Football Drills and Sessions:

Positive first touch into space

Run quickly and aggressively

Use front of foot when running with the ball





Player Skills

Running with the ball – Control the ball into space, get their head up, run quickly with the ball but still be under control

Passing the ball – To pass the ball accurately and think about the weight and timing of the pass

Dribbling – Dribbling with the head up, manipulating the ball with the front foot and using a change of pace and direction all important when dribbling. The soccer drill competitions are designed to ensure the players have to use all these dribbling skills.

Turning – Within the soccer drill competitions for turning with the ball, the players have to learn how to turn when receiving the ball and how to turn with the ball in different directions

Run in a straight line where possible

Head up to assess options

13.00pm - Day 2 training sessions Complete

11 v 11 Showcase Match vs Pro Italian Club Academy X1

16.00pm to 18.00pm

A final 15 players only from the trials group will be selected to play in this match

End of Trials Event 18.00pm


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